In 1995, by the order of the undersecretary of the Governor of West Bengal, all land and water bodies of Rajarhat, one of the most fertile regions of West Bengal, India, were acquired under the colonial Land Acquisition Act (1894). By May 1999, landowners were sent eviction notices and farmers unwilling to accept them were subjected to intimidation and brutality.

"A New World” is a look at development in India through the lens of "smart townships" promised by the ruler to the ruled. The series of images are made while walking along the boundaries of Rajarhat, a township in Calcutta being developed as one such area. However, this dream is built around a narrative of modernisation that is created by the government in the name of nation-building. The villagers feel that their voices get squelched under such an idea of a modern nation.

My perspective of the place was shaped by listening to the stories of people who agreed to share their experiences of fear, loss, hope and the possibility of change. I attempted to reflect on these stories through visual metaphors. These metaphors refer to the history of violence, displacement and gentrification that has plagued the region for decades.